Winter Coat Drive 2017

“Strategic counseling during the PANDEMIC

“Success doesn’t make you immune to emotional difficulties”. Armored with this knowledge Dr. Stacia Alexander LPC-S Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor, C.E.O. of Positive Influences, C.E.O. of Emotionality of Success has propelled a career as a licensed therapist to her added role under the moniker of number one success strategist. This moniker is backed by her willingness to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. . . .

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Mental Health Month

By Geek Plus Magazine in 4th Season

40 pages, published 5/11/2021

As we celebrate Mental Health Month we celebrate the small black business. Coming out of any crisis can be difficult, so you need America’s #1 Success Strategist, Dr. Stacia Alexander. She has been the answer for many clients during this pandemic. Read all about her success and many other small business owners in this months issue of Geek Plus Magazine.

Meet Patrick Crowe

Patrick Crowe has been a Portrait Photographer since…forever. As early as high school, he began capturing images as a natural extension of artistic expression and stress relief. Patrick spent a large portion of his early life in Corporate America and recently made the transition to Professional Photography as a full-time entrepreneur. He creates compelling images, portraits and visual stories for a wide variety of clients while maintaining a focus on the entrepreneurial and entertainment industries.

Since the first issue of Geek Plus Magazine, Patrick has been an Art & Photography Director and Contributor. His work explores unique portraiture, fashion and architectural topics. He looks forward to sharing more of what he creates thru his lens with our Geek Plus Magazine audience and following.

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Meet Lisa Nixon

Lisa Nixon is the embodiment of the brand Awriter Eleven. Which is a platform that provides solutions to diverse industries who are seeking to elevate their brand voice. We believe written expression is the cohesive solution to effectively conveying a meaningful message across diverse platforms. We create timeless copy and content, structured on the individual needs of our clients. In addition to creating for our clients, Lisa shares her creative mind through various written art forms, flexing her penmanship and uncanny ability to create art through written expression. Follow all of her success at