Geek Plus Magazine is a small part of the original brand, Geek Plus. It covers a wide variety of ART, Fashion, Love, Food, Fitness, Travel, Inspiration, and Family. The content that develops the Millennials past, present and future will evolve and project in the pages of this project. The quarterly issues will reflect on the seasons and community of our times.  The writers, bloggers, photographers, and artist of this magazine, will confidently capture each reader with their individual canvas. The inspiration of positive and influential content, can spark the mind of our peers and allow them to see our world differently and focus not only on the issue but of peace and confidently lost in love.     

A non-profit organization that looks at all walks of life to assist in ways that will build relationships and encourages those who may have been forgotten.

We currently fund 3 events each year: Breast Cancer Awareness Calendar

The Slay My Prom Project

Coat Drive: One Warm Coat

We raise money through donations and purchase goods.