Artist Exposed with Calimar White

With culturally relevant and a clever spin on current events, Comedian and internet personality Calimar White thought he was going to be a Rap artist a few years ago. Now he describes his comedy style as ‘ghetto witty’ and original.

After he did time in Florida, he knew he needed a plan so get did not end up back there. He gave himself 5 years to make shit shake. He took wrap seriously but as cold as he thought he was, his wrap career was not going anywhere.

It was the 5th year and he was frustrated.  His girlfriend was what he described as ‘supportive.
Calimar recalls those days ‘We’d be sitting in the dark in our apartment listening to my songs and I thought it jammed but that shit wasn’t working. It was exactly 5 years and I started making fun of her ass.’

After doing the footwork and deciding which club would let him be his entire self cursing and all, he went to Arlington improbe to scope out the scene. He knew he was funnier than anyone on the stage, so a new dream was born.

Calimar worked to write his skits and Taylor them to his experiences. A common misconception is that a comedian just tells jokes but he says ‘I write like its battle rap. I have to perform.’
He describes his experience getting on a show opening for Lavell Crawford as one he had to take, Calimar is no stranger to making his own lane.
No one is doing what I am doing. He says authenticity and staying out the way are what keep him ahead of his game. The take away for him is that he does not take advice from people in places he does not wish to be in.
He listens to his own advice. I don’t care if it’s funny or taken well by the crowd.  I do care if I think its funny to because that is what will make people laugh too.

His influences range from Jamie Foxx to Lil Duvall  to the Old school great Robbie Harris. As of late him following his own dreams as he see fits has put him arenas with people he was looking up to. On August 13 he was able to work with and another person performed he admired at the Pittsburgh Improv, Mike Epps.

Calimar is not waiting or asking another man or person to follow his dreams. Moving for him he has performed with Michael Blackson, DRay Davis, Mike Epps and LaVell Crawford.

People won’t always be proud of you. You have to do it for yourself and Calimar has made his own way and now the calls come in for his advice and his faves know him by his name.

Follow him on social media at

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