Meet UnChaste With Chassedy

Chassedy Johnson is the owner of MeanMugg Publishing and #UnChasteWithChassedy. She is a Freelance Writer/ Photographer and Sex Positive enthusiast who helps to educate and inform the Black and Urban communities on sexual awareness, sexual positivity and sexual health. Through writing, photos and blogging #UnChasteWithChassedy aims to destigmatize and normalize kink, bdsm, fetishism and sexual expression. By starting the conversations in the communities that are historically hyper-sexualized by society yet have little to no voice in the narratives of their own sexuality, #UnChasteWithChassedy encourages positive expressions of sexuality and sensuality.  

#UnChasteWithChassedy was founded in the Summer of 2018 from her fascination with becoming educated on human sexuality and sexual expression. She wanted to share her findings. Chassedy is an information junkie with a background in Journalism but her passion has always been writing. Whether it be with words or light, she feels the best way to teach someone is to show them the information, whatever it may be. 

Chassedy is a self-proclaimed bibliophile who loves whiskey, outside, baseball, chocolate, and good conversations. She never refuses a good meal, so she is always up for an Old-Fashioned at your favorite spot. She loves to dance and is gone twerk when she wins her Pulitzer. 

Chassedy’s available for writing and photo projects, as well as private consultations via and donations can be made via CashApp- $UnChaste or visit for more healthy and fun sexy things.

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