Innovation stands the test of time

Donovan Bridgeforth, CEO of The Official Black App

In 2020 we saw a surge in support of black owned businesses, and with this surge came a need for a place where consumers could find black owned  businesses that offered products and services near them. While business owners could list their businesses in a more streamlined manner than the plethora of social media groups that have been created in recent months. That’s exactly what Donovan Bridgeforth, Ceo and app developer and his team, Stephon Malone of Bank Black U.S.A., public relations expert Ashawnte Polk, Jonathan Tyler television expert have done with The Official Black App. This app is a running directory of black owned businesses across diverse industries. This easy to navigate app is essential as lysol spray during this pandemic, but after recently being named to Google’s top 100 list and Apple’s top 25 paid business apps. Unlike lysol spray it’s clear that people aren’t having a hard time finding it. The Black App itself isn’t a fly by night inception, it is the culmination of Bridgeforth’s political science and legal studies  educational background, coupled with his love for technology and innovation. Knowing how people and communities are building and growing launched the idea of The Official Black App in 2016.

Bridgeforth, a father of two young boys, didn’t wait to perfect the app and sit on his idea as many creatives often do, instead he chose to take heed to his own advice that he gives others interested in the tech industry as well as creatives looking to start something new. “Dive in head first, don’t tip toe into technology, get the first version out because it will eventually evolve anyway. Keep perfecting it and get started.” Following this model has allowed Bridgeforth and his team to modify The Official Black App in ways that keep in on par with current trends. In addition to the business directory that has over 30 states, black owned businesses listed. The app provides Presidential polls, focuses on race relations, while attaining data that caters to the African American community through political outreach and information sharing. It even offers a break from handling business by including most African American’s favorite kickback game, spades! You can also access local delivery of your food purchases with Sto Run Delivery Services. Inspired by seeing the black entrepreneur getting younger it encourages him to do the work to bridge the gap between old and young technology developers and consumers. He and his team are currently working on a partnership with a t.v. streaming service that will provide black owned businesses advertising opportunities. Bridgeforths road to technology wasn’t an easy route, a lot of his coding skills came from teaching himself after realizing that most programs teach you enough to work for someone else. The current HBCU student at Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas wanted to learn and grow in the technology industry. His studies at Paul Quinn have allotted him the opportunity to compete this year at M.I.T after winning an HBCU competition (Battle of The Brains) in which he and his teammates built an app in 24 hours. As he prepares for this competition, he also faces new competition with his app. However, support from various people who have benefited from The Black App as well as those who know it’s history are encouraging the competition to back The Official Black App.

If you’re looking for black owned businesses in your area or would like to have your black owned business listed, The Official Black App, is the official place to do so. Find them in your iphone app or google play store, find them at and follow them on all social media handles at @officialblkapp.

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